Helsionium’s YouTube videos
on Xenogears

Xenogears: The Movie

This is a recording of all cutscenes and dialogues of the 1998 PlayStation game Xenogears by (then) Squaresoft. It doesn’t include any gameplay sections without dialogue or battles. The first part covers everything up to Bart’s recovery of Andvari in Ft. Jasper, the second part covers the rest of the game including the entirety of Disc 2.

For more information, including a chapter list with links and synopsis, see https://xenogears.helsionium.eu/.

German Translation of Xenogears

In this series of videos, I play my own German translation of Xenogears without commentary.
Unlike “The Movie”, this series shows a complete walkthrough including all gameplay sections and battles.
More information on the translation (in German): https://xenogears.helsionium.eu/deutsch/

01Lahan Village: The Beginning of a Grand Adventure1:10:03
02Blackmoon Forest & Dazil: From a Sea of Trees to a Sea of Sand1:10:48
03Army Transporter & Stalactite Cave: The One-Eyed Pirate1:13:32
04Bart’s Lair & Bledavik: Looking for a Reason to Fight1:19:01
05Bledavik: The Tournament and Margie’s Rescue1:09:06
06Nisan: Margie’s Return and the Great War Council1:08:01
07Borderlands: Showdown in the Desert1:15:26
08Nortune: Rise of a Battler1:09:48
09Nortune: Murder Case in the Sewers1:10:44
10Nortune: Championship / Hangar Infiltration1:14:54
11Nortune: The Purge & Infiltrating Goliath Factory1:15:13
12Thames: Shipwrecked and Sabotaged1:17:59
13Aquvy: The Comatose Patient and the Etone1:04:22
14Aquvy: The Truth Behind the “Ethos”1:17:12
15“Ethos” Dig Site: The Sunken Civilisation1:26:49
16Babel Tower & Aphel Aura: The Land Above the Clouds1:25:00
17Shevat: Two Little Girls’ Big Moments1:16:50
18Nisan: The Treasure of the Fatima Dynasty1:21:12
19The Liberation of Aveh and the Mirror Scheme1:19:49
20Solaris: Elly’s Homecoming Amidst Enemies1:22:43
21Solaris: Soylent Factory and Krelian’s Lab1:36:28
22Solaris: A Double Agent and a Split Personality1:28:09
23The Quest for the Anima Relics Begins1:23:28
24Confession of Love1:20:06
25Deus’ Resurrection1:25:23
26The Ego and the Id: Applied Psychoanalysis1:26:49
27Preparing for the Final Battle1:41:16
28Deus: The False God1:27:51